FUN Park Grants

FUN Park Grants

  • Eligible applicants: municipalities in Arkansas with populations of 7,500 or less and unincorporated communities; sponsored by the county.
  • Maximum award: up to $100,000 (no match required)
  • Eligible projects: development of most outdoor recreation facilities
  • Funding: grantee will be issued the entire grant amount prior to project development
  • Grant completion timeframe: Grant project should be completed within two years of award notice
  • Application Guide: Projects should be completed within one year of contract date


A Project Management Workshop, a Notice to Proceed, and a fully executed Contract Agreement between the grantee and the Outdoor Recreation Grants Program are required prior to expending any funds for development. Design and administration costs are exempt from this rule. Contact your Project Officer or consult the application guide for details for both Matching Grant and FUN Park Grant projects.

The following form is applicable to all FUN Park Grant projects:

Severe Weather: Donate to the Arkansas Disaster Relief Program